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Hi all,

Just a note to let you know I will be at the Kroger store in Gallatin, Tennessee on Saturday, September 1st from about 9 am until I don’t know how long right now selling copies of The Antiquarian Chronicles and signing my book. I look forward to seeing as many of you as can come out and visiting with you. On a further note, The Antiquarian Chronicles is now in stock in The East Side Story bookstore in East Nashville. It’s a wonderful quaint little independent bookstore that has recently opened and the owner, Chuck Beard, an author in his own right, deserves our support and patronage. Keep reading!

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Exciting News!

Great new announcement for The Antiquarian Chronicles and me! I’ll be conducting a book signing at The Good Cup coffee shop at 2181 Hillsboro road, also known as Highway 431 in Franklin, Tennessee on July 21st, a Saturday, from 1:00 pm to 3:00pm. The Good Cup specializes in great coffees, cappuccinos, and breakfast items and is a supporter of local artists, musicians, and authors. Come out and join the fun as we meet and greet and talk about The Antiquarian Chronicles and my next completed novel, Crisis, as well as some hints about future sequels to The Antiquarian Chronicles and anything else that strikes your fancy (or mine!).

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Weight Watchers Works, No Question…but

February 26, 2012 16 comments

Well, I’ve gotten back on weight watchers again, kind of. Actually, my wife signed up on line and I use the plan–or I’m supposed to be using it. Trouble I’m having is, I’m used to having someone else make my meals or at least do the planning of them. But this last year I’ve done quite a bit of batching it because my bride works full time so I’m responsible for the most part for making my meals and I really am terrible at it. Consequently, I’m not really losing weight again as I’d like to. No excuses. I just need to exert more self discipline. Plus, where we live now there are almost no areas where one can walk/jog safely. Just one a mile or so away along a river. Well, I should take advantage of that more but I either have to drive there (price of gas going up) or walk and walking is nerve racking because it’s along a major 5 lane highway with a speed limit of 45 miles an hour which almost no one obeys. Pedestrians get hit and injured or killed in this area almost daily. From time to time I walk through our subdivision but it’s dangerous as well because of the lack of sidewalks. People don’t watch for pedestrians here and move over for them. Since we’ve moved here almost a year ago (10 months) I’ve narrowly missed being hit several times. One driver cut a corner off as I approached that same corner. I was walking slowly and he very nearly clipped me with his mirror. I ducked aside just in the nick of time. ‘Course he was courteous enough to wave one finger at me as he continued on down the street. 

Just yesterday I was walking through a busy parking lot eating a candy bar (well, this is about weight loss) and nearly got hit by a car backing out of a space. I stopped and leaped back just in time. The driver merely acknowledged my presence with a wave of his hand. Nice. All of that just to describe how hard it is around here to get regular frequent exercise. But one has to keep trying.

‘Til next time. 

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Blog verification post for Technorati

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Not to worry, Folks, this is just a test. WXC4TKU4MA24

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My Woodcarvings for sale

October 30, 2011 16 comments

Buy this whittled one-of-a-kind Crazy Ol’ Coot to add to your folk art collection for just $35.00 plus $7.50 for shipping and handling to any location in the continental United States. Just shoot an email to: for payment processing and shipping information.

This Crazy Ol' Coot isn't being rude, he's simply showing off his those who may be interested, that is!

And, of course, what's the point of a Crazy Ol' Coot's mug shot without a sharp profile view?

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Trump Triumphs: President Releases Certificate of Live Birth

April 29, 2011 2 comments

Article first published as Trump Triumphs: President Releases Certificate of Live Birth on Technorati.

Probably one of the saddest days in America's history

Today two seemingly insignificant events took place on the eastern seaboard: Donald Trump landed and stepped down from his helicopter to give an impromptu press release; President Obama held a press release as well. Both men spoke concerning Obama’s birth certificate. Trump proclaimed his triumph saying he was “…very proud of himself” in forcing the White House to release the 2 ½ year long deferred certificate of live birth for Obama—something he says no one else was able to do. The administration provided copies of the certificate of live birth long form to the press and posted a photocopy on the white house website. Obama declared that he was indeed born in Hawaii on August 4th, 1961 and stated as well that the whole debate over his birth certificate was “…silliness” and had been the focus of “…carnival barkers” meaning, no doubt his potential adversary in the 2012 election although Trump’s nomination for the Republican ticket is light years away.
President Obama had it right in saying that the so-called “birther” controversy was an increasing distraction from more important matters such as high gas prices, ongoing unemployment and a sagging economy. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see his way clear to do the right thing 2 ½ years ago when this whole contentious debate began.
Now, I have to wonder along with the media, why make this public display at this time? Is it to divert our attention from some other nefarious adventure on the part of the administration? So it seems. Just yesterday Lurita Doan published an article on describing Obama’s predilection for monstrous regulatory reforms in the name of societal engineering.
Of course, there is also the administration’s misadventures in Libya, the ongoing budget debacle, the deficit debate, and a staggering number of lesser issues that do—or should—occupy the President’s time, not to mention more important things like sports brackets, appearances on primetime tv, golf, vacations, sessions on the court—basketball, not Supreme—and of course the always ubiquitous 2012 election campaign.
Colonel Oliver North has suggested that Obama has put on display once again his peculiarly narcissistic penchant for self-enchanted “navel-gazing” while the rest of the world crumbles in spasms of violence and agony. It’s difficult to refute his conclusions.

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Horses for Sale or Rent: My Life on a Canadian Dude Ranch

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