Weight Watchers meetings come and go…and so does my excess weight!

Week four (or is it five?) of Weight Watchers. My weight loss has been surprisingly steady at around 2.5 pounds per week. I would really like to see more but Rai, our leader, says I am right on track, i.e. not losing too much at a time, not gaining anything either. So, I’m determined to accept the loss rate at this point. I have lost a total of almost fifteen pounds so far. I’m at 223 pounds dressed and 218 in the altogether. My 10% of body weight goal is 214 pounds so I’m getting there, slow but sure. I’ve puzzled over the plateau I reached, finding that most “weight loss experts” agree on a starvation mode wherein if the dieter doesn’t eat enough their body will go into “starvation mode” and conserve body fat. Turns out, according to Rai, our weight loss leader, that a scientist for Weight Watchers has debunked a number of weight loss myths and that is one of them. So, she recommends maintaining my high activity level and simply increase the amount of filling foods I eat, using up all my daily points, the weekly points, and even some activity points if I’m still feeling unsatisfied. So, today I tried to do that. I lifted weights this morning and then jogged/walked for about 45 minutes. We’ll see. ‘Til next week, keep up the good work all you weight watchers!

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