Response to a Liberal Commentator

Hi Joe,

Wow! You responded. I was sure you wouldn’t bother but I’m thrilled that you did.

First of all, no Muslim nation has formerly declared war against the west that I know of but a number of sovereign nations have openly or covertly sponsored it: Saudi Arabia, just for one, Iran for another, Somalia for a third. Go back in the news reports of September 11th, 2001 and following and review those nations’ actions and the response of those nations’ people to the tragic events of that day. Then follow news reports from then up to the present to see the path of aggression these nations have taken to oppose the West. Can there be any honest doubt as to their position, let alone their intentions? Politicians and statesmen world wide from many nations that were formerly friends of the United States agree about this.

You do not agree with the Iraq war but there are a number of undeniable facts that followed the downfall of Saddam Hussein and his administration: No more Kurds have been slaughtered en masse; no more Shiites were killed in massive gas attacks solely for their beliefs, the bodies are there in discovered graves to prove it happened, Joe. No acts of terrorism have happened that could be attributed to that former Iraqi administration. Before you leap to the defense of that brutal dictator, remember that you will be supporting a bloody murderer. Hussein (isn’t that frightfully interesting that our current fearful leader shares that same moniker!) pulled a pistol and shot and killed another government official in public. It is a matter of public record.

Just this morning there were news reports of Somali terrorists rumored to be trying to cross the Mexican/American border.

Second of all, there are nations whose whole populations adhere to a written doctrine that specifically requires those adherents to actively seek to proselytize infidels and if those individuals refuse to convert to Islam they are to summarily killed. You will find that specific instruction in the Koran. That is not a translation of my own invention. It is there for all the world to see. That is a “religious” tenet that you will not find in any other modern or traditional religion of the world that I know of.

If a nation declares itself to be Muslim, if a nation supports, defends and practices the doctrines found in their Holy book, the Koran, it is only fair to assume, especially given that nation’s public displays of antipathy toward the West, that, given a chance that nation will practice what it’s Muslim citizens and Muslim Imams preach, and that is holy jihad. Extremism lies not just in the breast of a few Islamist radicals, it haunts the very text of the Muslim holy writ. Muslim extremism, not peculiar to the present, has acted out its own brand of hate toward the West going back centuries.

Centuries ago, Muslims made their way across the straits of Gibraltar and attacked the occupants of what is now Spain and Portugal. Do you think it was because the Spaniards and Portuguese made a better brand of bean dip? History tells us why that happened. They were followers of Mohammed and were following the dictates of his message, i.e., convert infidels or kill them.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Barbary pirates attacked shipping in the Mediterranean, capturing and killing sailors of the United States and other countries and holding shipping and cargoes for ransom. The caliphs pressed their opportunities and demands until the President of the United States sent American naval strength and Marines into the Mediterranean to settle the issue. That is where the passage in the Marine hymn comes from, “…The shores of Tripoli…”. Tripoli was and is a seaport on the coast of North Africa and was at that time—and still is—home to Muslims in a Muslim nation that holds no regard for the West.

That didn’t end so-called Muslim extremism in the Middle East but it served to suppress it for a number of years.

What about the conflict between Muslims in Turkey (a Muslim nation) and Albanian Christians? Have you not heard of the slaughter that took place there, in Albania, by Turkish troops? It was just in the news again in recent times where Albanians are still trying to get Turkey to formally admit to it. Have you looked into the conflict in the Philippines enough to understand that Muslims and Christians are in a deadly conflict there as well? Do you not understand the basis of the conflict in Kosovo and Serbia? That there, living side by side but not “coexisting peacefully” are Muslims and Christians? These people have been living side by side for centuries and have been fighting each other nearly the whole time.

Most people, probably you included, think of World War I as only happening in Europe but are you aware of the conflict that took place in the Middle East at the time; Of the interaction between Muslims, Christians and Jews and how Sir Lawrence of Arabia led the combined (formerly fighting amongst themselves) tribes of Arabia against the Muslim Turkish Ottoman troops. The Muslims in Turkey aligned themselves with Germany’s Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm.

I urge you to study the interaction between Muslim nations and the Allied nations of World War II; how Turkey remained neutral during the war until February, 1945 (See the Library of Congress,

I don’t want anybody to hate anybody else but I do want us all to understand the dangers that we face and not turn a blind eye to facts and past history in an effort to placate those whose doctrines and heartfelt beliefs will not allow them to be placated.

The leaders of the world felt the same way about Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mao, toward Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler and millions suffered and died. No sane person should deliberately consider evil to be good; neither should any sane person court disaster if it can be avoided by application of wisdom and common sense; nor should they ignore imminent peril.

Undoubtedly, there are reasonable people of every belief, ethnicity and nation and no one, least of all me, wants to impugn them. But we need to study the facts and the past and learn from it. We need to see the danger in our present circumstance and understand clearly that we do not face “…a few extremists…” for if we did it would be a relatively simple matter to find, prosecute and imprison them; we face state-sponsored terrorism that is growing with each sunrise.

Must we watch friends, family members and fellow citizens sicken and die from radiation poisoning or bio-terrorism before we will acknowledge the peril that is upon us? Must we lower our national, regional, local and personal standards to Neolithic levels to accommodate multi-culturalism? Must we set aside our religious beliefs—religious beliefs upon which our nation was founded—to accommodate the beliefs of others, no matter how egregious those beliefs may be? Must we descend to the level of the rest of the world? Is there no such thing as nobility of spirit, of patriotism, of national unity, of honor, of truth, of duty, of selfless sacrifice?

Finally, I don’t say that you actively discriminate against Christians but I do say that you have actively opposed them by voicing views that go against everything Christians stand for.

Thank you for your time and attention, Joe. I hope this helps you to better understand the current situation. And I greatly appreciate the opportunity to get to talk to you. I want to extend my gratitude for your rapt attention.

All the best,

Jerry Watson

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