Weight Watchers Rocks!

Well, my wife and I have been at this new weight watchers program for three weeks now and we both are thrilled. I have lost a total of 11.6 pounds and have been given two awards for loss of 5 pounds each. The food regimen is really not very difficult. I can eat just about anything as I’ve said before. The difference really is in the amount or portion size. I plan to treat myself to a candy bar each weekend and my wife and I have agreed to reward ourselves for weight loss. We will plan for a reward after reaching a particular benchmark. For instance, I have already reached my 5 % of body weight goal and the next big one is 10% of body weight. That means reaching a weight of 214. No sweat, I currently weigh 221 without any clothes on but, of course, I have to reach 214 fully dressed. Or I can go to the meetings and get weighed in totally in the buff. Okay, Okay, I can hear you laughing from here. I have tried to step up my exercise regimen in accordance with the weekly meeting instructions by walking out for an hour, then walking back toward home a block, then jogging a block. Alternating the walking and jogging is strengthening me even further and improving my respiration, too. Not too bad for a rusty old geezer almost 60 years old, eh? I also work out with my free weights. I keep the two dumbbells right here next to my desk and use them when taking breaks from writing. I deadlift 40 pounds, but was lifting 75 pounds for awhile there. It seems like a long ways away from the days when I bench pressed 180 pounds 10 reps without hardly breaking a sweat. I keep a jumprope near my desk as well and when the sun is shining I go outside and jump rope briefly. I can only jump rope about 25 times or so before my lungs or my legs give out. My wife wants to buy new tennis rackets and play tennis later on this summer. I hope so. I really like to play tennis but I’m not good at it at all. She’s still recovering from a dislocated elbow but wants to play catch with me this weekend. We’ll see. Meantime, keep counting those points and racking up the activity points as well.

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