Weight Watchers Update

I just got back from this week’s meeting. I’ve lost another 1.8 pounds since last Wednesday’s weigh-in for a grand total of 16 pounds lost since we started the Weight Watchers program about a month and a half ago. One of the many interesting facets of the Weight Watchers program is during the weekly meetings the topics are all positive aspects of the program; the leaders never, so far, discuss weight loss or gain as a general topic. They talk about the Momentum program or the Simply Filling Foods alternative, dining out, getting enough exercise, taking vacations, etc., but they never delve into the grittier aspects of losing weight, or worse, gaining it. It’s one of the reasons why Weight Watchers is such a breath of fresh dieting air. My wife and I love it! More important, we are committed to continuing to make it work for us. See ya next week, dieters.

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