Islamic Aggression and Jihad–As I See It.

Hey Joe,

Yep, I agree with you. Indeed, seldom is an issue “black and white” and there are “many forces at play…”.

It’s also true that “aggression…can’t all be laid at the feet of the Muslim world.” Even a cursory examination of the Crusades will reveal a lot of cruelty and evil on the part of both sides.

I also believe we should work toward peace at every opportunity.

I do not propose that we should declare war on the Muslim world.

I do propose that we honestly and forthrightly recognize the state of the Muslim so-called religion toward the West and take practical steps toward minimizing the impact of their doctrine of destruction and their attempts to overcome the West from within. The Muslim Brotherhood is one example of their publicly declared determination to achieve that end. Imams and Muslim clerics have made news headlines by making statements to that effect or supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim organizations that do, in point of fact, support terrorism or the overthrow through one means or another of the United States government and our Western society. There are so many public officials that have defended Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations through their statements and, in some cases, their overt actions: The current administration’s counterterrorism “expert” John Brennan, is one of them. The administration’s determination to eliminate certain terms from the national dialog is another example. When Muslim nations such as Iran openly declare their determination to destroy another nation e.g., Israel and materially support terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah with money, arms and propaganda there has to be a prompt, cohesive, coherent reasoned response by our National Government. The world would be wise to take them at their word.

Hitler began to address the issue of Poland publicly all the while building up his war machine in violation of the Treaty of Versailles and the peace accords that ended WWI; the world watched and shuddered and indulged in diplomacy and appeasement lead by the British government and acceded to by the major governments of the rest of the world until early one morning the Polish peace was interrupted by the scream of Stuka dive bombers, the vicious whump of Tiger tank cannon and the cracking whine of German Mausers.

I propose that the Congress, the Senate and the administration stop creating budget-breaking useless agencies and bureaus and work in cooperation, focusing instead on implementing sound policies like the No-Fly List across the board; that the administration declare organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood that side with terrorist groups to be a domestic terrorist group; that the United States Government recognize the danger we face, set aside politics and partisan bickering and take immediate material steps to avert the coming conflict and protect the American public. For example, secure the borders immediately. They can. They have the material resources. They have the personnel resources. They have the money. They have the technology. They just don’t have the will.

They didn’t and military recruiters died on home soil. They didn’t and Fort Hood was bathed in the blood of American patriots; they didn’t and the Underpants bomber nearly achieved his aim; they didn’t and the Christmas Day bomber almost succeeded in delivering his holiday present to the citizens of Detroit; they didn’t and the Times Square bomber very nearly created another New York City memorial.

Eight years without one terrorist incident followed by a year and a half of multiple terrorist incidents ought to tell any reasonably intelligent person that something is terribly wrong.

Nice to talk with you, Joe.

Have a great day.


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