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Angry Protestors In Madison: America’s Cairo?

Madison, Wisconsin's union protestors

Union Protestors Gather in Madison, WI









Article first published as Angry Protestors in Madison: America’s Cairo? on technorati.com

Angry protestors in Madison, Wisconsin are ranting about a bill introduced by Governor Walker requiring public employees to pay more for their health insurance and pension amounting, according to the New York Times report, to about a 7 percent pay cut to help Wisconsin get a handle on their budget deficit. The bill also would curtail to some extent their collective bargaining rights and restrict negotiations to basic wages.

This protest, given the current state of financial affairs in every state and the ridiculous budget President Obama gave to Congress, is completely unbelievable. This group of 175,000 state employees, especially the teachers union, is holding the people of Wisconsin hostage to further their own gains, never mind how the rest of the state is doing.

Hiding behind the human shield of our children and grandchildren to coerce extra benefits and wage increases has become a modus operandi for teachers’ unions across the United States. Time and again, they tell us that if we cut their remuneration in any form our children will suffer. It may finally be coming to light that our children are suffering, unable to read and write or compute and it is primarily because of their greed and malfeasance. The media report that some Wisconsin teachers have gone so far as to bring their students with them to the protests. Two students interviewed by a reporter stated they had been pulled out of class and had no idea why they were there. This is completely unconscionable.

It is also becoming increasingly clear to many Americans how the unions are impacting our society. Every union from the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) to the AFL-CIO and the SEIU is utilizing members’ dues to buy votes and lobby politicians from the local to the national level to support legislation that favors their union. The trouble is, of course, the money that provides increased benefits and wages has to come from somewhere and it devolves, ultimately, upon the taxpayer. When an electrician gets a higher wage or more retirement or medical benefits, it drives the price up for his services; it’s elemental economics.

Mismanagement of pension funds has driven many expectant pensioners into going back to work to provide for themselves and their families. United Airlines is a prime example. I know personally of at least one case where an individual put in thirty years for United Airlines working his way up to management and looking forward to a cozy retirement only to receive a letter from the Airline shortly after he retired telling him that his pension was non-existent. He had to accept menial jobs to keep his home.

This egregious Actus Reus going on in Wisconsin’s capitol deserves to be treated in the same manner President Reagan used to resolve the air traffic controller strike during his term in office. He fired each and every one of them and began to hire new controllers. I know, I was one of the applicants.

As a former union member and public employee, I know a lot of the games these organizations play and it is not pretty to be involved in. Graft, corruption, greed, manipulation and many other acts of malefaction that go unpunished are committed every day by union officials and individuals. Most of the time the public is unaware of these doings because it is not of benefit for the media to publish them; the union can hurt the media and they know it.

There is some talk in the media that Madison, Wisconsin may become America’s Cairo, Egypt. If that means supporting and defending freedom and the Constitution of the United States as it currently exists, that may not be a bad thing.

It is time the American public rose up and put a stop to union activists holding the public hostage by defunding union activities at the highest levels of government and refusing to patronize union businesses. Unfortunately, until we elect a different President, this is unlikely to happen. Hopefully, Governor Walker will hold firm and defend his bill; and, ideally, fire the striking public employees and hire a whole new team, non-union, of course.

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  1. March 26, 2011 at 7:24 am

    This protest is not really about the budget. Instead, it’s a stealth attempt to take away worker’s rights to bargain. If if were about the budget, then Gov. Walker wouldn’t have passed a tax cut as one of his first acts in office. In addition, the unions in Wis. already offered to make all the monetary concessions Walker asked for. Today, I read in the paper that GE Corporation paid no taxes last year on billions in profits, and in addition, actually claimed a tax credit of some 3 billion dollars. That’s about $10 lifted from the pocket of every man, woman, and child in the USA. So, if there’s a budget crisis anywhere, then ask GE to pay their fair share of the taxes–and not take away worker’s rights.

  2. jerrylwatson
    March 26, 2011 at 10:33 am

    I disagree, David. Of course this protest is not about the budget, it is about greed.
    There is nothing stealthy about Governor Walker’s proposal. He indicated he would do what he did when he was running for office and the people accepted him at his word. Walker had to pass the tax cuts to attempt to bring the flailing state budget under control. The governor knows what many fail to recognize or accept–that tax cuts stimulate the economy. Study the tax policies and the government regulations implemented in the Great Depression. Read the works of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams–both respected scholars and economists and old enough to have been a part of that period of history. The unions did indeed make monetary concessions–they had to in order to keep their non-monetary perks. Further, corporations do not pay taxes, individuals that make up corporations–both employees and management–do. Those “profits” of GE’s are what allow GE to offer ongoing employment to thousands of people while investing in employee retirement programs, product development, research and development, marketing and hundreds of other capital and asset management programs a company that size needs to maintain in order to thrive and grow. Would you rather the government taxed them out of business? What would happen to all of GE’s employees and management? Unemployment. Going on the government dole. Good idea!
    I don’t agree with your perspective, David, but I appreciate your input. May I suggest further study of our nation’s history, especially related to government tax policy and how it has affected the economy in various eras.

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