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That Special Book in My Life

Old Bible

I know what you mean; you mean a book of fiction, or even one of non-fiction; but my choice is neither. The one Book that I love the most; the one I can and do read over and over and treasure each time is, without question, God‘s Word, The Bible. It has everything: history, adventure, intrigue, suspense, mystery, romance, as well as prophecy, eschatology, passages of comfort, poetry, love songs, military history, it has it all. And it’s the truth. It is the Word of our Creator to us, His creation, the One Who made everything including space, galaxies, stars, atoms, sub-atomic particles, humans, animals, literally everything. It guides and directs us if we will listen to it; it instructs us in morals, virtue, righteousness, truth, victory, salvation from sin, heaven, hell and it will be used to judge us on the last day. It is at once frightening and comforting, full of sin, salvation and security; a revelation to us of God Himself in the Person of Jesus Christ. It is eternal just like God. It is indestructible; even the flames of book burners will not extinguish it; It is powerful; God has said that, “…His Word would not return to Him void without accomplishing that for which He sent It…”. It is uplifting, of great and eternal benefit, offering solace to sinners, prosperity to the poor, warning to the wealthy and eternal riches to the righteous. Someone once said, “Memorize it to be safe, practice it to be wise.” (I might have misquoted that. Sorry.) I agree. It has led me in paths of righteousness for nearly thirty years. It has corrected me; It has taught me how to pray for my wife and children; it has comforted me during the loss of family and friends; It has led me to God and showed me His plan for my life; It has helped me ( I hope) to learn wisdom, forgiveness and humility; It has displayed for me my Hope, my happiness, my Lord and my God. I love it. I highly recommend it. I hope and pray you will read it. You won’t be sorry. I almost said I guarantee it but I can go you one better: God does.

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