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Fourth Corner Fly Fishers and an Unusual Experience

I had an unusual experience this evening. I knew about the monthly meeting of a local fly fishing group called Fourth Corner Fly Fishers at our local swanky Golf and Country Club. I’m an avid, albeit somewhat inexperienced, fly fisherman and looked forward to the first meeting. I’ve been losing weight and didn’t bother to get dressed up, figuring that a bunch of fishermen would be dressed very casually (they were) and I would fit right in. I left the house in a hurry after making an apple and carrot salad for my wife for her dinner, leaving my wallet on the desk in the office—darn it. I had taken some money for dinner and possibly a drink and stuffed it in my jeans pocket and left. I had on oversized,  kind of baggy jeans, a new Dickie short sleeve shirt and black suspenders, my Cowboy boots and a favorite bill cap. Unfortunately, I was the only one dressed even remotely like that. Everyone else seemed older, pleasant, even sociable, hoping I’d stay for dinner. I bought a couple raffle tickets with a dollar I had in my pants pocket and gulped at the red wine I had ordered. I would have purchased a dinner had I not felt so out of place dressed the way I was and with no wallet. As it was, I stood around kind of out in the open wishing either my son or my wife had been able to make it so I wouldn’t stand out so garishly. Finally, my pride got the best of me and I left. I don’t know whether I’ll go back or not, probably not unless I can get someone else to go with me.

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