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Plot and Characterization and Relating them to God

“Balance may well be to spend time growing character with the aid of God’s grace and truth while pursuing the plot He is writing for us, by doing well what is at hand. To help, God has lived his own superbly well-balanced, character-plot driven human life as an example. Several non-fiction writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, have recorded this life for our assistance… PH”

Loved this last paragraph, Peter. I agree, balance is the key whether talking about life with the Lord or fiction. However, in a relationship with the Lord, I think total devotion and loyalty to God and who He is ranks first and foremost, i.e., “…Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength…”. In reading, and in writing my own novels, I prefer a balance between plot and characterization; neither reigns supreme; both rank equally in importance. (JerryLWatson.wordpress.com)

In literature, stories are said to be either plot-driven or character driven, but what about life? Some novels are all about the plot – the unfolding of action and drama – while the development of character is less important. A Matthew Reilly novel would be an example – we don't really need to know his characters other than have a vague sympathy or antipathy for them, as long as something blows up every few paragraphs. Some novels are character d … Read More


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