Query tips

Here’s a tip for writing query letters. Editors either won’t respond to your query letter at all or will not respond for several weeks or months. That’s a long time to wait for an answer and you might forget what article you even queried about, especially if you are sending out queries frequently as you should be. So, when you write your query letter pay attention to selling your work, which is the first purpose of a query, but also craft your query such that if the editor accepts your query it will key your memory and you can write your article from that information.

Another query trick is to save your queries to a file on your hard drive–I save mine in the My Docs folder–and add a footer to your query letter after you have sent it and before you save it outlining the details of your article–research, interviewees, photographs, etc.–so you can write your article without trying to remember what it was about and all the details necessary to write it.

Happy querying and good luck!

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