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1.4 Trillion Dollars? How Much is That?

The government is projecting a deficit of more than 1.4 trillion dollars for the United States. The numbers differ depending on who you talk to and who you believe but the fact is, a trillion of anything is an almost incomprehensible amount. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1999 issue of A Millennium Primer, if you count to 170 in an hour and count that much every hour of every day for a year you would only be up to about 105,120,000. Their calculations indicate it would take you 9,512 years, 34 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes to reach one trillion at the above rate. That’s just one trillion! We’re not talking about anything above that. Now, try to talk about, comprehend or justify the nation’s budget and spending levels. What do you think about that?

Want to take on your portion of that debt? I don’t. By the way, it is also impossible to count to a billion. You wouldn’t live long enough even if you devoted your life to it.

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