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Favorite writing resources – The Oxford American Dictionary

My favorite dictionary is my copy of the Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide. Maybe it’s because my son wrote a touching sentiment inside the front cover when he gave it to me as a gift. I just found an interesting word in it: afflatus. It means, “Divine creative impulse; inspiration.” I was looking up synonyms for the word enthusiasm in an old copy of Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms published in 1951, the year I was born, and found the word afflatus listed as a synonym for the word enthusiasm. Would using the word afflatus make you guilty of prolixity? When would you use afflatus instead of enthusiasm? Write a sentence with each and read them out loud and see which one sounds better.

My Roget’s Thesaurus is another book I really like. Contrary to the advice of a lot of prominent writers, I use the thesaurus and dictionary a lot in my writing. Another writing resource that I find interesting is a copy of Use the Right Word: A Modern Guide to Synonyms published by Readers Digest. It’s an old book but it goes into a great deal of detail as to the meaning of all the different synonyms listed for a particular word.

What is your favorite dictionary? Why? What writing resources do you use regularly? Which ones are your favorites? Why.

I’d love to hear from you. Post a comment or email me at: JerryL_Watson@hotmail.com

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