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New sales?

So, how are the book sales going, you ask? Y’ got me. We don’t find out and the publisher doesn’t say until the quarterly statement arrives. Even then, it is not current but lags behind sales figures.

In any event, research continues into the sequel to The Antiquarian Chronicles. It is extremely hard to pin down the provenance of an item, especially fabrics, as it turns out. Although I did read an interesting tidbit about a quilt discovered in an antique store in the northern hinterlands of Georgia. Did any of you read about that? Turns out, this couple from, California, (where else?) found an interesting but worn quilt in the store front of an antique shop. They eventually bought it and inquired as to its history. They found that the quilt had been sewn together from fabric scraps of Union uniforms and some Confederate uniform scraps although the experts consulted couldn’t confirm the Confederate scrap origins. Ultimately, the couple donated the quilt to the museum. It definitely has an interesting and intriguing history.

You know, I haven’t posted another audio excerpt of The Antiquarian Chronicles like I said I would and I apologize for that. Truthfully, I just haven’t felt like reading out loud. I suffer from an affliction that affects my voice from time to time and makes it difficult to talk and breathe at the same time. Hence, my voice tends to fail and get fainter and fainter. I have to remind my spouse of that frequently as to why I am not more talkative than I am. I am invariably occupied with focusing on inhaling and exhaling one right after another. Frankly, talking is a pain and silence is becoming much more ordre du jour. I worried about that during the book signing phase of the book marketing but it turned out that as long as I adhered to certain dietary limitations, i.e., don’t eat, and kept a small glass of water handy it was no matter of concern.

In an ongoing effort to encourage me to promote The Antiquarian Chronicles, the publisher has offered to supply my book with a short series of national tv ads, as in less than ten,  for a one time shot. Unfortunately, marketing dictum states that it takes at least seven ad presentations to cement a product name in the mind of the consumer and the publisher wants me to make an extraordinarily large book purchase in order to qualify for the promotion.  However nice that might have been, it is extremely unlikely to occur since I fall into the category of ‘poverty stricken artist’. I would have to devote my days to becoming an itinerant book seller living out of the back of my cold, drafty pickup and selling one copy at a time (if I’m lucky) in grocery store parking lots until the management catches me and then it’s on to the next town and lonely dark parking lot. Needless to say, my better half objects strenuously to my embarking on such twenty-something behavior at this late stage in life.

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