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The Tattered Page Book Signing

On Saturday, I had a book signing at The Tattered Page bookstore in Mt. Vernon, Washington. The owners, Pam and Ellen, were welcoming and extremely helpful. They set out great cookies, lemonade, and cool iced tea in a great location right next to the entrance with comfortable seating and a cool breeze coming in the door. Once again, I met the greatest people! An airline pilot on vacation with his son and an interesting lady who shopped for books based on “beautiful covers”. She complemented the cover of The Antiquarian Chronicles and purchased a copy. Then there was a veteran of the United States Air Force. We had a good talk about books, planes, and the local library where he works. I had the privilege of donating a book to the Mt. Vernon city library. We gave out lots of bookmarks, cookies, and juice, and had lots of great conversations. I met an interesting young man who had a degree in neuro-physiology and new a lot about quantum physics, metaphysics, psychology, and even chinese medical theory. And once again, with a great turn-out, we even sold some books! A great experience that I would highly recommend to anyone, especially those who may have written a book. If you are an author who is ducking book sales, signings, etc., you are missing out on some great expereiences!

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