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The Antiquarian Chronicles story line

When I first started The Antiquarian Chronicles, I knew I wanted to write a story about the Civil War, or at least that era which I have always been fascinated in. But I didn’t have any idea who the characters were or where I would have the story go, in other words, the plot. I started out with Lee Styles as my protagonist. Lee is the first name of one of my uncles who died in France during WWI and I always liked the name so I chose it for the lead character. Styles is also another family name from the nineteenth century so it was an easy choice. I wanted Lee to have a assistant to bounce ideas off and someone to contend with, as well so Jennifer Aquilon came into existence. I’ve been asked if her last name was Greek and is that why she has greek-like features. The answer is no, not that I know of. In fact, I completely made that name up. Imagine my surprise when reading one day I came across the name Aquilon. I had no idea!
Tomorrow, more about the plot of The Antiquarian Chronicles.

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