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The Birth of The Antiquarian Chronicles

Some might wonder how I came up with the idea for The Antiquarian Chronicles. Well, my wife and I have always enjoyed browsing through antique shops. We took a short trip to Snoqualmie in Washington State several years ago and spent the day looking in antique shops there. While walking from store to store, we talked about different antiques we had seen and I mentioned something about the lives of the people who had owned those antiques. Wondering what their lives were like, where they came from, their children, their work, etc.
When we got back home, I started work on a story that eventually became The Antiquarian Chronicles. I had always enjoyed telling stories. I told stories to the other kids in my classes at school, stories to my own children while they were growing up, and even started writing short stories after taking a writing course. So, telling the story of Lee Styles and Jennifer Aquilon seemed to be a natural extension of my proclivities and interests. It had undergone many transformations from its beginnings until it was published. And I’ll talk about those transformations next time.

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