Book Trailer update

Still working with the The Antiquarian Chronicles book trailer final edition while waiting for the first shipment of books to arrive. Have people waiting in line for their copy. Planning on attending the local Toastmasters to gain experience in public speaking. I’ve spoken in public once or twice and, much to my surprise, didn’t faint or experience the onset of laryngitis. In fact, I kind of liked it. The only problem I face now is, because of an illness I am saddled with, it is difficult for me to talk at length without running out of wind and coughing. My wife says to just be honest and up front and tell people about it beforehand. I can just hear it. Me standing up there prefacing my statements by telling people all about my physical ailments, my poor hearing (SO SPEAK UP, FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!)my bad eyesight (is that you, Bill?)etc.

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